Cellular Monitoring

from Chilliwack to Burnaby, BC

Advanced Cellular Monitoring & Interactive Services

For an even higher level of security, you can add a cellular communicator to your system to provide a tamper free communication right to the central station. Since phone lines are vulnerable to tampering, we always recommend cellular communication to send your alarm signals. In addition to reliable service, you can also get all the great features of our interactive services and stay connected to your home or business from anywhere.

Secure Connection

Cellular alarm monitoring gives your security system a private, secure, and reliable connection to our 24-hour alarm monitoring station. With cellular monitoring, you never have to worry about alarm signals being blocked by a disconnected phone, poor internet connection, or complicated firewall or router.

Interactive Service

Cellular monitoring with interactive services allows users to check their homes’ status from anywhere at any time. Use your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smartphone to arm or disarm your security system, search event history to see what’s happening in your home or business, and receive real-time email & text message alerts.

Text & Email Alerts

Keep updated on everything that happens, so you can be sure your home or business is safe while you are away. Receive notification when the alarm is armed or disarmed, and by which user. Know when loved ones arrive home after school or work, or when your business is opened.


With Canadian Monitoring Services, you will enjoy all of these services and more for less than most of our competitors charge for basic telephone line monitoring. Cellular monitoring can be used on most alarm systems, and starts at only $29.99/month with purchase of a GSM radio.