What Makes Canadian Monitoring Services Stand Out

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About Canadian Monitoring Services

We’re a locally owned and operated security company specializing in security systems and camera surveillance systems. Since our inception in 2013, we have served residential as well as commercial customers across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Over the last few years, we’ve been consistently growing and developing within the security industry. We have also leveraged technology and upgraded our methods to offer a variety of equipment and service levels to serve all of our clients’ expectations - from basic service to home automation control.

The Canadian Monitoring Services Difference

One aspect that makes us second to none is our unmatched customer service. We prioritize our clients, and as a result, our customer service surpasses our competition by leaps and bounds, and that is what we are most proud of. Our clients love us.

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is our no-contract policy. It puts the client in the driver’s seat, and it also helps us deliver better. We know that we need to meet and exceed their expectations to continually keep them as a client. Along with our no-contract policy, our competitive pricing is also one of our distinguishing features. We believe that our clients deserve the very best and offer great value for money.

Our dream for the future is to continue to expand on the types of security services we offer and help make more homes and workspaces safer.

While we are really passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment. We try our best to reduce the waste we generate and recycle to the best of our abilities.

We also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, we make monthly contributions to the BC Cancer Foundation.

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